X Trumps Apple In Tablet Satisfaction - Guess Who

X Trumps Apple In Tablet Satisfaction – Guess Who!

buy provigil singaporeiPad is the world’s most popular tablet” boasted Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at the launch of 9.7 inch iPad less than two months ago.

Popular it may be, but is Apple’s iPad the most satisfactory tablet anymore?


As per the new J.D. Power study, Apple’s tablet has been relegated to second position in the sphere of customer satisfaction.

So who bagged the gold medal? Microsoft Surface.

2,238 people who have owned a tablet for less than a year were asked for their views, so as to measure their satisfaction with their tablets.

The study evaluates customer satisfaction across five major factors – Performance, Ease of Operation, Features, Styling & Design, and Cost.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets managed to grab top honours with people finding its styling and design factor to be superior to that of Apple’s iPads. Yes, you read that right!

Jony Ive must surely have seen red at that one (got the pun?)


He’s sure to be disheartened as design is one of Apple’s chief strengths. Its like Microsoft has beaten Apple on its home turf with a smashing six (pun intended).

The study also indicates that a number of Surface users are young people who are early adopters of technology – hence once they like a product, they tend to be loyal.

It’s not an easy task to push Apple from the top of any pile, least of all from that of tablets (a line that for the longest time has held iPads as synonymous to Tablets), and for Microsoft to have managed to do that, is quite a strong indicator of the character of the machine that Microsoft has created.

Microsoft must be gloating over its win and it’s new “customers-our-priority” ethos might have a lot to do with the strong performance put out by the Surface lineup. A Microsoft spokesperson put it succinctly, ”Building products that deliver the power, versatility and dependability that allows our customer to create their best work in any setting is fundamental to everything the team does”.

Apple has every right to sulk but it cannot really complain about the results. A lot of people believe Apple has not provided adequate attention to the iPad lineup, and innovation is grinding to a halt. Microsoft on the other hand, won its customers delight when it did away with the ARM-based version of Surface, and moved to Intel hearts. The move worked and Surface has been appreciated by its customers for the improved performance.

It will be interesting to see Apple does anything to change course and revitalises it next few iPads. Meanwhile, kudos to Microsoft.