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Apple iPhone 8 - Ever-Enigmatic.

12 Apr, 2017
Apple iPhone 8 - Ever-Enigmatic

It is a moment that will be recounted in the history of Apple, to mark the landmark when it struck a deal with its arch-rival Samsung, and placed an order for 70 million OLED panels for it’s own prestigious iPhones.

Displays are one of those areas in which the South Korean giant absolutely excels. Although Samsung has been using curved displays in its own smartphones, this will be the first time that Apple would use this technology in its leading device, that too from a supplier that most of the world had assumed Apple was distancing itself from.

No doubt that iPhone lovers would already be drooling over the latest teaser video of the purported iPhone 8. This much-awaited device is expected to be launched in the wake of Apple’s tenth anniversary of the iPhone – an occasion that in itself, calls for something new and momentous.

As we’d reported as far back as February, this is the first time Apple is going to use Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. These types of displays don’t need a backlight like the LED panels in all other iPhones have had – implying that this version of the iPhone is going to be ultra thin!
LG has already shown the flexibility and versatility offered by this technology and now Apple seems to getting on the train.

As per Nikkei Asian Review, Samsung’s stock made a giant leap when the news of Apple’s 70 million display panels’ order surfaced.

What’s especially intriguing is that the order is said to be for bendable OLED which has the tech world abuzz with the prospect of users actually being able to bend the new phone’s screen. We’re not too sure of that though – it perhaps refers to the curved edges of the screen, and not the actual ability to bend. Let’s park that for the moment – we’ll check around and circle back to this point in a. subsequent article, once we have some better verified sources validate it.

It is expected that Apple would launch three new iPhones this year of which the Anniversary Special iPhone 8 will have the curved 5.2 inch OLED screen while the other two variants will have the usual LCD display. I don’t think this has only to do with snob value – we believe that all of Apple’s suppliers put together may not be able to pull off sufficient units of this special glass in time for the launch, given that the curved version of OLED screens are hard to get right each time, and defect rates are much higher than those of flat screens.

Given the colossal order it will not be wrong to assume that Apple is expecting crazier than crazy demands with this launch – anniversary and the fact that the current form factor is now three years boring… umm I meant, three years old.

Although Neil Shah, Research director of Device and Ecosystem at Counterpoint Research has his share of doubts saying, ”seventy million units of the OLED phones is too high for me at this point”.

All I’d say is – history is replete with evidence that no one knows the demand for iPhones – not even Apple else they’d not run short of production capability after every launch, causing 6 week-long backorders.
And if there’s anything that consultants have underestimated (as well as other manufacturers), it’s Apple’s mystifyingly effective marketing machinery – that whips up all manners of storms and desires within even the most elusive of customers.

Plus the fact that the OLED screen is not the only USP of the upcoming iPhone 8 – far from it! The new handsets are expected to offer amazing features like a front facing camera with 3D sensors, wireless charging and much more – because, Apple desperately needs to keep up with the competition – most of whom already have most of these features.

If you are already coveting this new device and thinking of the ways to arrange money to buy it then, sorry to break your bubble, selling your kidney might just not suffice this time. The special edition iPhone with OLED display is undoubtedly going to be the most expensive iPhone ever.

Brace for it!