Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (with Windows OS) Silver Front

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Windows 10)

Xiaomi is a company that has had a huge impact in many, many parts of the consumer electronics world – it’s continued ability to mass-produce high quality, high-spec’d products at very cheap prices has bedazzled customers and befuddled competition.

This approach has proven to be very close to revolutionary, because what essentially does (and it often goes unnoticed), is that it forces the competition to do the same. It may not prompt all of them to follow suit, but as compulsive hunters of budget devices, we consumers surely get viable, capable options.

While, admittedly a few of Xiaomi’s recent launches have not had the same impact as the earlier ones, but their new tablet, the Mi Pad 2 can change that. It is a serious device.

How serious you ask? Well, it’s chasing down the Apple iPad Mini to say the least, which really sets the standard for all tablets, and looking at it’s construct, on paper, it seems like it may have what it takes to challenge the Mini.

And they’ve played it smart – this is the only tablet in the world that comes in two variants that run two different OS’. Amazingly good idea, to cast a net this wide!

Well, let’s peel back a few layers and take a closer look.