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Commuters On Delhi's Metro Can Now Pay Fares With A New Watch

21 Jun, 2017
Commuters On Delhi Metro Can Now Pay Fares With A New Watch

Commuters on Delhi Metro can now pay with a swish of their wrist. Users will be able to wear their smart card on their wrist as the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has enabled the use of wrist watches launched by Austrian company LAKS, to be used as modes of payment at the gates.

The watches are called Watch2Pay, and are available for purchase through e-commerce platforms such as PayTM, with a starting price of INR 3,000.
The new facility is expected to provide the commuters a more convenient and fast access to the Delhi Metro network. The commuter will simply have to touch the wrist watch to the screens of the AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates at the metro stations to get access”, said a DMRC statement.

The watch works on NFC, or Near Field Communication, which is technology that allows two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone or a watch, to establish communication by bringing them within close proximity of each other.
Watch2Pay uses the same principle to allow the AFC gates to collect the ticket amount from the user.

A watch like this works on the basis of SIM-sized card that is user-inserted, and depending on the card, one can choose what NFC functionality they want the watch to perform.

Amongst other things, the Watch2Pay can also be used for access management to events, for tickets, as company IDs, or as micropayment & loyalty cards. The technology is not much different from that used in sunglasses that Visa had released that could be used to make payments through one’s credit and debit cards.

Other than the NFC abilities, the Watch2Pay is a regular looking watch, that does not come with any other ‘smart’ abilities, as one would suppose. Which is a bit of a downer, however it may just be a function of time (no pun intended), till it evolves to hosting other ‘smartwatch’ capabilities.

For the moment, it comes with the metal dial and tells you the time the same way your Titan does!

The watch in question can be recharged the same way a Metro card is – over the counter or through recharge card terminals. The watch comes from the same company that had joined hands with Hyderabad Metro Rail for something similar back in 2015.

Thinking of getting one? Read our review of the Watch2Pay in our add-on section, to know more about the product, it’s capabilities, and our own assessment of whether it’ll make a worthwhile buy, or not.