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A Peek Into Amazon’s New Twitter Clone

08 Mar, 2017
A Peek Into Amazon’s New Twitter Clone

Amazon’s game streaming world, Twitch rolled out a social network tool called Pulse which allows the streamers to post and engage with their community about their favourite games instead of taking the conversation outside Twitch.

For now, Pulse supports media content from Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, Imgur and Gyfcat, but in the near future other formats will also be incorporated.
“We are working to make sharing easier and will expand our support of additional types of content in the future,” wrote Twitch in a blog post.

Pulse lets users post messages, photo and video for their friends and followers. Rings a bell? The format does sound similar to Twitter as Twitch enables content creators to run contests, conduct polls, push memes, and even ask/answer questions to keep followers hooked even while not streaming.

To say that it’s a total replica of Twitter would be wrong as characteristics like “@” mentions or hashtags are nowhere to be seen on Pulse. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be incorporated in the near future.

Pulse is implanted into the Twitch homepage and it’s mobile app, and like Facebook, other streamers on Pulse can also comment on and react to your posts. Not resembling Facebook is the fact that, on Pulse, the posts as of now will be displayed sequentially.

Interestingly enough, Twitch has planned it all out as it has considered providing control to broadcasters regarding the moderation of comments on Pulse. If a broadcaster wants, they can also restrict the reactions to only their friends or to their subscribers only. The broadcasters also have the power to delete comments.

The company introduced Pulse in a blog post as working on the basis of an algorithm to explore content as per the user’s interests.
“Our goal is to connect viewers with the content that they’re most likely interested in”, Twitch spokesperson Sheila Raju wrote in a blog post. “Going forward, we will be working to determine the best way of surfacing posts to do just that”.

Pulse in essence, is an extension of Twitch’s Channel Feed, that was launched last year in December under beta, and is supposed to eventually roll out to everyone later this month. The fact that it is being rolled out to everyone in itself confirms the success of the feature in its beta phase.

Additionally, Twitch also rolled out IRL at the fag end of last year. IRL is designed for people to share real life experiences instead of video games.

Pulse will appear on the front page of Twitch and all the posts from Channel Feed will make their way to Pulse as well. The idea is to retain all the viewers even when their favourite content is not being streamed and also an opportunity for streamers to reach a larger number of users via their posts.

“This will allow you to not only interact with followers and viewers you regularly engage with, but also with those who might not visit your channel page as frequently”, Raju wrote in the blog post.

Just like Twitter, Pulse is also open to content from both Channel Feed or Broadcaster Dashboard and viewers or users can also post videos, pictures etc from their front page.

Pulse is Amazon’s maiden attempt into the sea of social media, however it is not something out of the blue as Amazon has been toying with Twitch’s social scope for the last few months. The only question that remains now is whether Pulse would be able to make a dent in the world of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, or not.

Though Twitch’s user base cannot be underestimated, given that there are already 100 million monthly viewers spending 106 minutes daily watching live gaming – which is expected to rise with Pulse keeping users hooked onto Twitch and not fleeing to Facebook or Twitter to discuss their favourite games.

So, this may just be the start of a new journey for Amazon, and Twitch.