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BlackBerry Branded Appliances And Wearables Might Soon Be A Thing

21 Apr, 2017
BlackBerry-branded wearables and appliances might soon be a thing

One of the biggest mobile giants of yesteryear, BlackBerry was known for its various business phones, secure software and most lovingly, its revolutionary messaging app, the BlackBerry Messenger.
I still remember how popular BBM was a just of years ago and considering that everyone from businessmen to young adults and even teens were hooked to the first real Instant Messaging app for their phones. To me, in many ways, WhatsApp is the progeny of the BBM.

However, all was not well in the BlackBerry world, and soon with the advent of iOS and Android Blackberry had to bid farewell.

Almost relegated like a relic of the past, BlackBerry recently shocked the world with its announcement, we, like others, can’t contain our excitement.

As we’d written a few days ago, BlackBerry’s pivoting to a lot of new stuff (you should read that article of ours – to know the kind of exciting stuff BlackBerry’s getting into).

Not only is BlackBerry licensing it’s wares outside the smartphone world, the Canadian company is also going to manufacture several gadgets outside the smartphone domain. BlackBerry has now also allowed other firms to borrow its brand tag and enjoy full support from Blackberry in this endeavour.
Going the licensing way benefits both, the firm in question and Blackberry, and will help the ailing Canadian behemoth to expand its horizons in a multi-dimensional fashion.

BlackBerry wants to bring back its one-of-a-kind security protocol and data encryption capabilities. Things seem to have improved for BlackBerry after it joined hands with TCL in a licensing agreement last year.

Tablets, wearables, medical devices, appliances point-of-scale terminals and other smartphones” are some of the gadgets that will have the Blackberry name on them and this new venture is referred to as the “next phase” of the company. In October, 2016 it was reported that Blackberry had tied up with Ford Motor Co. to develop a special software for the vehicle.

Moving to medicine was another unforeseen pivot. While using any connected medical care device or service, it is of primal importance that patient data is free from external threats and is safely connected with the healthcare system.
Armed with one of the best security encryptions anywhere in the world, BlackBerry jumped in to help ensure that all the data saved on associated mobile devices cannot be hacked. Just the name, should give people a lot of confidence in such devices and services.

Each of these Blackberry proteges will have technology or code from BlackBerry, which is going to have strong resemblance with its rapidly evolving Android model.

There’s more.

The wind has it that BlackBerry-tech based wearables are on their way. Made by non-BlackBerry manufacturers, these will be the beginning of a new line of secure peripherals. Although the details haven’t yet been revealed, but once Blackberry’s wearables and appliances hit the market, the competition will get serious. Apple, probably the biggest nemesis of BlackBerry the smartphone maker, will have to watch out – because BlackBerry’s comeback looks extremely promising and the brand seems like a very determined phoenix about to make a re-entry.