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You Could Soon Edit Or Delete WhatsApp Messages You've Already Sent.

18 Mar, 2017
You Could Soon Edit Or Delete WhatsApp Messages You've Already Sent

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app may finally be rolling out two new features that most users have been quite eagerly waiting for ever.

A new version of WhatsApp (release date currently unknown) would allow users to edit and delete messages that they’ve already sent. Given the fast paced conversations that go around on WhatsApp, irrespective of you may be standing or how mind-crazed you may be at the time – hence typos and often, missteps are a common sight on chat transcripts.

For long, folks have wanted to be able to pull back the proverbial spoken word on WhatsApp but not been able to, since the App never allowed for such latitude.

Now, it would!

The news broke out when WABetaInfo, a trusted source of early WhatsApp news and speculation, put up a video showing the message deletion process in action. It claims to have discovered the feature in the WhatsApp beta build for iOS.

Per the video, this new feature works much the same way as “forward” or “copy” do on WhatsApp –  via the contextual menu that pops up when you tap and hold on a sent message. One of the (new) options that come up is “Revoke”, which can be selected to delete a sent message from the conversation.

A subsequent tweet by WABetaInfo showcased the Edit option in the same context, where beside the “Revoke” option would be an option to edit a text that has already been sent.

Currently, editing sent messages is not something that WhatsApp allows its users to do. As far as deleting a sent message is concerned, sure, one can go ahead and delete a sent message, but it is only deleted at a device level, and the recipient on the other end will see it regardless of the deletion at the originator’s side, since the deletion does not so far work at a server level.

As per the video, this seems to be applicable also to messages that have been read, since the trademark blue ticks can be seen on certain texts before they are deleted.

The speculation on that is high since an obvious assumption, to begin with, was that it would only be applicable to messages that have not been read. While various trusted sources vary on their opinions in this regard, a concrete speculation can’t be made yet.

Another feature that is rumoured to be under testing is called Live Location Tracking. This feature lets users show their movements to other users within a group chat.
Users can choose to share their moving position for a limited time of one, two or five minutes.

This feature seems to have built on the quite popular share location feature that WhatsApp already has, and seems to be aimed at enabling users to find one another easier in a crowded environment.

WhatsApp had been quiet for quite a few years, with minimal feature-additions (especially after the Facebook acquisition). However over the last year an half or so, WhatsApp has become quite active and is adding new features and optimisations quite regularly. The iOS version of WhatsApp recently received an update that carried many welcome changes for the users – including an increase in the number of photos and videos that can be shared in one go, (bringing it up to 30), as well as a useful “Storage Usage” screen, and the ability to queue messages, the latter of which has been available to Android users for a while now.

These three new feature, for now, are not available to the public at large, as they’re rumoured to be under testing phases on both, the iOS and Android version of the app; regular users cannot access it right now.

Facebook run WhatsApp has however not confirmed the news, or anything else in this regard, yet. WABetaInfo speculation is pertaining to the Apple exclusive iOS build, but if it does come into existence, it can be assumed that it would be brought on to the Android version of the messaging app as well.