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Made For India: Microsoft Skype Lite Gets Aadhaar Integration

Security, Aadhaar, new languages. Microsoft is making a move on India via Skype.

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Erase Your (Internet) Past

Find and clear all the internet crud you've generated over the years. Live free.

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Sony’s Smart Contact Lens Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Sony's patented a super-capable smart contact lens technology that may take Wearables tech, a whole quantum leap forward!


Some really interesting trivia about companies,tech and inventions.

The Siemens SL45 (released in 2001) was the world’s first mobile phone that allowed expandable memory and supported MP3 playback.

It came with a 32 MB (yup, that’s megabytes!) multimedia card and stereo headphones included in the box. The cell phone could deliver 5 hours of music playback on a single charge.

Just for kicks: The size of the Dropbox app for iOS is 37 MB today!