click here PRISMA, an app by Prisma labs, inc. transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists in addition to famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art pieces and going by the images modified using the app popping up on various social media, the app seems to have caught the fancy of many iOS and Android users.

Prism allows you to either click  pic through the app or select an existing photograph in your camera library. The picture is then cropped to a 1:1 ratio and the user is given the options of the numerous filters (from the 20 that come with the app) to modify the image.

The app offers:

  1. Modern art / photo filters (more than 30 styles)!
  2. Stunning photo effects
  3. Fast sharing

The one thing we did not like was the time taken. When you select an image and apply a filter , it takes in the neighborhood of 20 seconds for the image to be rendered for you with the filter to take effect, and if you want to explore another filter, keeping adding. it can get pretty annoying.

Another tip: if you want to remove the annoying PRISMA watermark on the lower right side, go into settings and uncheck “Add Watermark option”.

The app is free for now so go ahead and explore it, however do be careful of the fake copies.

For iOS, it needs iOS 8 or later and for Android 4.1 and above.

Prisma 1

Prisma 2

Prisma 5

Prisma 4

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Share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn – all from one place, on your schedule and comes from the team at Buffer, Inc.

As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each. Plus, you can custom schedule or “post now” right inside the app. Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. Get the most out of each post.

Any link, text, picture or video you want to share, just add it to your Buffer. Your updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to your favorite social networks.

Why you’ll love Buffer:
• Share to multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts from one place.
• Get analytics for each update you share: Clicks, Retweets, Repins, Likes, Shares, Mentions and more.
• Schedule your posts automatically so you never have to worry about setting a time and date. Just hit “Buffer”.
• Schedule your posts using a Custom Time to schedule for specific events or campaigns.
• Share from all of your favourite apps using our iOS extension. Including scheduling native retweets from Safari, Tweetbot, Twitter & more!

Buffer is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (devices running iOS 8 and later), Apple Watch, Web and Android devices 4.0.3 and up. It is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Buffer 2

Buffer 3

Buffer 1


Zomato – Restaurant Finder

Zomato is a great app to search for, and discover great places to eat.

It’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use social restaurant finder app that lets you explore all dining options in your city. you can browse through updated menus, pictures, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat, and even use the map feature to guide you there.

Build a trusted network of friends and discover great new restaurants through them. Set off on your own food journey with reviews, stunning filtered pictures, and handy lists!

Here are some key features of the app:

  • Search easily for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars by location, cuisine or name. Or choose to browse through beautifully crafted Collections to discover something special.
  • Explore every restaurant in your city, including the ones around your current location, and use search filters to find the one that suits you best.
  • Build a trusted network of foodies you choose to follow. See their reviews, pictures, and recommendations, and discover new restaurants through them.
  • Rate and review restaurants you’ve been to, and share photos of your foodie moments directly from the app.


Facebook needs no real introduction! This is their official app.

Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

With Facebook, keeping up with friends is now faster than ever.

• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

Facebook is probably the most popular multi-platform ever made!



Instagram is an focused on capturing and share moments socially, via your smartphone or tablet.

While Instagram seems to do just one thing – share photos, it actually does a whole lot more.

  • You can customize your photos and videos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects
  • Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family.
  • Being part of Facebook, sharing is huge on Instagram – share photos and videos selectively with friends and followers in a photo feed, or send posts directly to your friends. And of course, you can interact with friends via Likes and Comments
  • Share socially on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.
  • Follow Friends’ posts with the click of a single button.
    Every time you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.

Key photo taking & editing features of the app include:

  • Free custom designed filters
  • Video recording with breathtaking cinematic stabilization.
  • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field
  • Instant sharing to
  • Send photos and videos directly to friends
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Twitter is the best way to connect, express yourself and discover what’s happening in the lives of people who matter to you. The main premise is following and staying updated with people, be them friends or famous celebrities. It’s also a great app to start a fan base if you are a famous personality, at the same time it allows you to follow other friends and personalities you feel the need to.

Key app features include:

  • Connect with people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.
  • Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.
  • Discover what’s happening. Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.
Jump cam


JumpCam is a video sharing network that is collaborative as well as social.

It is built around a feature that sets it apart from the likes of Instagram. Rather than just letting you share clips with folks, it lets you collaborate with them. Collaborators provide 10-second clips of their choice, to a group (topic) you create and invite contributions to. The app then stitches all/selected clips from the collaborators, into mini-movies.

Some of the other key features of this app include:

  • Front and rear camera compatibility
  • Add your music or choose from dozens of free soundtracks, like: Celebrate, Dub Drop, Bluegrass, Swagger, and more
  • Easily edit clip order, filters, and music in the app
  • Share your group video with the click of a button to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Email or SMS
  • Import multiple clips instantly from your existing Gallery
  • Full privacy control. Choose who can see and add to your videos: Everyone, Friends, or
  • Free exclusive JumpCam filters, including Vintage, Projector, and Black & White
  • Full-featured Web access at

JumpCam is a one-of-it’s-kind app that really should be given a try, especially if you are already into video apps like Vine. If you feel 10 second clips are going to replace stills in the near future, then this is one app that needs to be on your phone!

Read up on our helpful How-To guide “Create Videos From Different Sources” to learn how to use JumpCam

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WhatsApp is the world’s largest instant messaging service and is present on all leading smartphone OS’.

It lets you chat or talk with your friends and family using your data connection or Wi-Fi. The first year is free and each subsequent year of membership costs 99 cents.

There’s a lot more that you can do with WhatsApp that you can’t with traditional text messaging (SMS’) – send videos, images or voice notes, chat in groups, share your location and broadcast messages, all without having to worry about your friend’s phone’s capability to receive such messages.

Traveling internationally – cut down on roaming bills! You can call, text and send images and videos to your heart’s content – and you don’t have to pay those crazy international charges… all you need is your phone to be connected to the internet via WiFi or local data plans.

Unlike other chat/texting apps, there’s no need for pins or usernames and the best part (that has pioneers like Viber down on the mat) – everyone on your contact list whose on WhatsApp automatically shows up on your WhatsApp list!

Here are some of the key features of the App:

  • Send videos, images and voice notes for free.
  • Chat with multiple people at once using Group Chat.
  • No need to Log in or add people
  • Instant push notifications.

Given the humungous popularity of the app all across the world, Facebook went and acquired the company, lock, stock and buzzing servers!

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LinkedIn makes it easy to connect and grow your network, engage with professional content and gain insights right from the stream. The new intelligent navigation is personalized just for you based on how you use LinkedIn everyday.

LinkedIn is a rather handy business tool that keeps you connected! Some key features of the app are:

  • Find and connect with more than 277 million members worldwide
  • Search for and follow people, jobs, companies, and groups
  • Read the latest industry news and stay up to date with connections in your network
  • Update your profile from within the app
  • Purchase and upgrade your account to a LinkedIn Premium Subscription from within the app