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24me is a smart personal assistant for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android with a calendar, to-do list, and notes built in and fully integrated. It allows you to add your photos, which are beautifully displayed at the bottom of your notifications and calendar.

It securly connects to your utilities, service providers, banks, social networks and more and automatically tells you what you need to do and also helps you take care of your things from within the app. 24me is your personal assistant in your pocket.

24me brings to you the functionality of:

  1. Calendar: Tasks, events, and notes are all listed together on the calendar and can be managed from one place. 24me connect to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more.
  2. To-Dos: Clean, slick and automatic, allows you to access and add your tasks within the app.
  3. Notes: Your notes with video, images and rich text will be integrated within the calendar
  4. Notifications: Allows you to connect to a meeting request or a task, keeping you updated with the notifications on your screen.
  5. Paying Bills: 24me has the functionality of directly paying the bills from within 24me with only few taps.
  6. Outlook: Links to your Outlook tasks within the app.
  7. Micro Gifting: 24me automatically tells you about special events. You can send beautiful gifts to friends from our fun gift store (check the availability in your country).
  8. Saving Links:  Simply link your real life in: your utilities, service providers, banks, social networks and more. Start getting automatic notifications about your links.

24me is the ultimate personal assistant and it is free! So go ahead and try it.

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Scanbot is your free mobile scanner app for documents, QR- and Barcodes for iOS (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android. It allows you to Just hold your iPhone over any document, receipt, whiteboard or QR code to scan and save it as a PDF or JPG in a matter of seconds. Scans will be delivered with more than 200 dpi – a quality on par with professional desktop scanners. The app will automatically optimize the scan by applying blur- and skew-reduction as well as perspective correction and various color modes, auto optimization and blur-reduction help you to get the most out of your scans.

Scanned documents can be emailed, printed or uploaded to a supported cloud drive. If you enable automatic upload, Scanbot will automatically save your scans to your preferred cloud service the moment your PDF scan is created. With Scanbot you can upload to the following cloud drives:

  • iCloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • WebDAV
  • Yandex.Disk

Scanbot allows you to:

• Create high quality PDF documents with 200 dpi and higher (like modern desktop scanners)
• Save as PDF or JPG
• Scan QR-codes: URLs, contacts, phone numbers, locations, hotspots, etc.
• Easily detect barcodes from any product
• Lightning fast: automatic edge detection and scanning
• Enhance your scans with filters: color, gray, black & white
• Fast multi-page scanning
• Smart and automatic background upload
• Beautifully designed

There are paid versions for the app for the serious users; Scanbot Pro and Scanbot VIP

P.S.: we even used the app to click pictures and then seamlessly include them in documents, share them and store them, try it and tell us.

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SHARE it, an app from Lenovo, gives you the ability to share files without the need of Internet.

SHARE it allows you to:

  • Transfer files, photos, videos, music, documents and more between your PCs, phones and tablets.
  • The size of your file or folder does not matter, SHAREit will transfer it from your phone to PC or PC to phone within seconds.
  • WiFi, cables or mobile data is not required, SHAREit will send your files easily and conveniently. Cross-platform sharing for phones & computers & tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8.
  • No more cables or internet needed to transfer, easy sharing between various devices and friends can transfer files to each other by entering Portal.
  • Replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click.

Explore some SHAREit Phone to Please call, urgent  features:

  • Powerpoint Control: With SHAREit on your mobile phone, you can control your PowerPoint slides on a PC or projector.
  • Remote View: quick and easy tool to search PC files and folders from your phone. Find the document on your phone, display it, play it or SHAREit directly from your phone.
  • Play To: Showcase content from your phone to your PC.
  • Back up your photos to your PC using SHAREit



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Instapaper, an app from Instapaper Holdings, Inc., allows you to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted. Post to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Evernote, and many others, using accounts you’ve linked to Instapaper.

Core Features:
– Strip away all clutter and save the content of web pages into iOS-optimized formatting.
– Read anywhere! No internet, no problem: access your articles on airplanes, subways, elevators, or Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.
– Save to Instapaper from other applications with one tap.

Additional Features :
– Control every aspect of your reading experience with a variety of font, color themes, and spacing options.
– Find that great quote you want to remember and share? Instapaper makes it easy to highlight text in any article.
– Have your Instapaper articles narrated to you with text-to-speech. Just turn up the volume on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and relax!
– Control text-to-speech right from your Apple Watch.
– Sort your list of articles by popularity, date, and article length.
– Folders for easy organization. Share via web browser and any app that supports sharing and have Folders for organization in Android with Tilt scrolling, page-flipping.

Instapaper Premium Features:
– Full-text search for articles in your account
– Unlimited highlights
– Create text-to-speech playlists
– Send to Kindle functionality
– Use third-party apps that plug into the Instapaper API
– Unlimited speed reading

Instapaper Premium membership is optional, and Premium features are available via an auto-renewing subscription:
– $2.99 per month
– $29.99 per year

Instapaper for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (requires iOS 9 or later) provides a mobile-optimized text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience. Instapaper also enhances the standard reading experience with features like text-to-speech, which can be controlled via the Apple Watch. Instapaper for Android provides a mobile and tablet-optimized Text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience.

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Share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn – all from one place, on your schedule and comes from the team at Buffer, Inc.

As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each. Plus, you can custom schedule or “post now” right inside the app. Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. Get the most out of each post.

Any link, text, picture or video you want to share, just add it to your Buffer. Your updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to your favorite social networks.

Why you’ll love Buffer:
• Share to multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts from one place.
• Get analytics for each update you share: Clicks, Retweets, Repins, Likes, Shares, Mentions and more.
• Schedule your posts automatically so you never have to worry about setting a time and date. Just hit “Buffer”.
• Schedule your posts using a Custom Time to schedule for specific events or campaigns.
• Share from all of your favourite apps using our iOS extension. Including scheduling native retweets from Safari, Tweetbot, Twitter & more!

Buffer is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (devices running iOS 8 and later), Apple Watch, Web and Android devices 4.0.3 and up. It is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Ever received documents on your phone that require your signature or initialling?

You probably ditch your phone, open the document on your PC (worse, print it), sign the document, scan it and then send it back? That’s what I used to do till recently, but all that changed when I found out about follow link Docusign!

This app saves a lot of time indeed, and I’ve been able to work remotely (twice on vacations) and I’ve found it be the best one at the moment for digital signatures.

Available for free on all mobile OS’, Docusign gives you tremendous features for a free app:

  • Create your signature using your finger/stylus, by uploading an image of your signature and save it within the app
  • Sign any document directly from your device
  • Import and store documents from multiple cloud services, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, and Salesforce.
  • Receive real-time push notifications when a document is waiting for your e-signature.
  • You can even set up a ‘workflow’ in case documents require signatures from multiple people.
  • You can store Signed documents in the cloud, automatically, for free.
  • Supports almost any document format (PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more).


We rely so deeply on our phones now, and with all their capabilities we’ve pretty much come to expect them to be intuitive and situationally-aware now – haven’t we?

Well, with Google Now and other such intuitive technologies, users today seem to want their devices to be omniscient. But they aren’t there yet.

If you want to phone to automatically hit Silent Mode at night, before you hit the sack, and get back to General Mode in the morning? Or say, your phone you want your phone to connects to WiFi as soon as you enter office and switch to Mobile Data (and switch off the Wi-Fi radio to conserve battery) when you leave, and switch back to Wi-Fi once you reach home?

Tasker makes that happen. That, and a lot more!

Built a lot like the IFTTT (If This Then That) protocol, Tasker utilises a concoction of ‘Contexts’, ‘Tasks’ and ‘Profiles’ to help you create your own recipes of automation.
‘Context’ is the condition under which an action is to be performed.
‘Task’ obviously is the action to be performed. Say that you want to set your phone to silent mode from 11 PM in the night to 6 AM in the morning. In this case the context is from 11 PM to 6 AM and the task is setting the phone to silent mode.
A context and a task together form a ‘Profile’.

There are a number of inbuilt contexts and tasks in the app, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to get a lot of what you need. If there’s something specific you need, which is not available in the phone settings (since those are the bedrock of a Profile, you could develop a task yourself, or with a little help from a developer friend).

Tasker is a very useful app, and whatever it lacks in user friendliness, it compensates in functionality.

Spend some time with the app as it has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a boon!

Here are some of the key contexts built into the app:
* Note that all features are not available on every supported device. They vary depending on which Android version your phone is running on.

  • Triggers: App, time, day, location, event, shortcut, widget, timer, plugins
  • Alerts : Flash, Notify LED/Sound/Vibrate, Cancel notification, Torch, Vibrate, Vibrate pattern
  • App: Calendar Insert, Go Home, Kill App, Load App, Open Map
  • Audio: Alarm/Call/Media/Ringer/System Volume, Haptic Feedback Toggle, Mic Mute, Notification Pulse, Notification/Ringer Vibrate, Silent Mode, Speakerphone, Sound Effects toggle
  • Display: Auto-Brightness, Close System Dialogs, Keyguard, Keyguard Pattern, Display Brightness, Display Off Timeout, Display Rotation, Set Wallpaper, Stay On, Status Bar (expand/collapse)
  • Network: Airplane mode, Autosync, Bluetooth, Compose Email, Browse URL, Mobile data (on/off), USB tether, WiFi Toggle.
  • Phone: Call, Call log, Call block/divert, Compose SMS/MMS, Contacts, End call, Silence ringer, Take call.
Google Keep Logo

Google Keep

Consider Google Keep as Google’s answer to Evernote.

Actually, to many users, Google Keep bests Evernote and in many ways makes it appear outdated.

Ironically, this app’s gorgeous UI is not it’s main calling card. Nor is it’s extremely easy-to-use user flow.

This advanced note taking app does so much, that you’d be asking yourself how you lived without it all this time! It performs a plethora of tasks right from taking simple notes to giving you location- or time-based reminders.

Here are some of the key features of Google Keep:

  • Take voice memos and have them transcribed so that they can be easily searched later on.
  • Take photos and search for text within them.
  • Colour code notes so as to organize them more efficiently.
  • Enable check boxes to convert notes into to-do lists.
  • Set location bases and time based reminders.
  • Share notes with friends and family.
  • Access your notes anywhere by going to

Something to remember – Any productivity/reminder service is only as good as your diligence and commitment to it. Feed it all your information, and then heed it’s reminders!
Google keep is a keeper (no pun intended)!



Meet Boomerang, an amazingly powerful email app for Android. Featuring advanced functionality not even available on default Desktop Gmail – like snoozing emails, scheduling emails to be auto-sent later, response tracking, and more, Boomerang is probably the professional mail client you’ve been dreaming about.

These features, combined with an intuitive gesture system and eye-catching design, make Boomerang one of the best ways to access Gmail and Exchange messages on your Android phone.

You can even use the app to remind yourself of something to be done later – as the email will appear in your inbox at the time you choose.

Currently it integrates with Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange accounts only, but the developers say more accounts will be added shortly.

The key features of the app are:

  • Schedule mails to be sent at a later date (especially good for launches, birthdays, and to help prioritise mails early in a new week – so they’re read and actioned faster)
  • Track responses to the emails you send
  • Set up Read Receipts & Click Tracking – so you know when your emails are read or included links clicked
  • Boomerang to a location – snooze emails to reappear at the top of your inbox at a particular location (e.g. airline tickets needed only at the airport, work emails show up when you’re at office not while at home, or a presentation in the email that pops up at the top when you’re a client location or at the presentation venue)
  • Push notifications (of all emails – current and Boomeranged)
  • Account-specific themes
  • Customisable multi-gesture support
  • Home screen widget
  • Search through all your messages across all Gmail and Exchange folders


The official TED app presents talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends.

Find more than 1,700 videos, each of them intriguingly engaging.

The TED app is one of our recommendations because:

  • It updates almost every day with new talks from TED events around the world.
  • You can sort the featured library by recency or popularity.
  • The app can guide you through a custom made playlist if you tell it how much time you have at hand!
  • Not only that, it’s easy to curate your own playlist and download full videos to your device to watch offline.
  • You can also share your favourite talks with friends.

So if you’ve been feeling like you’re done with inane social feeds for a bit or want something more informative, give TED a spin. You may come away enamoured.



Skype has got to be one of the most popular video calling tools, be it for pleasure or work.

Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free!

By downloading this app you join the millions of people using Skype today, to stay in touch with the people who matter most. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand.

Here are some Key Features this app boasts of:

  • Find all your friends and family in an instant – With over 250 million people using Skype, you’re bound to bump into someone you know.
  • Talk with your fingers – No matter where you are, your friends are always at your fingertips with free instant messaging.
  • Call your world from Skype – Talk to your heart’s content with free voice and video calls to all your friends and family on Skype.
  • Low cost calls to mobiles and landlines too – Keep in touch with people even if they are not on Skype, with low cost calls and SMS to mobiles and landlines.
  • Chat with anyone, anywhere – Skype’s available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and even TVs. Whatever device your friends or family use, Skype just works. Simple.
  • Video messaging – Record life’s everyday moments and share them with the people who matter most, with free and unlimited video messaging over Skype.
Do It Tomorrow

Do It (Tomorrow)

Life is busy and the mind is often crowded. Notes and reminders run our lives, and yet we’ve all begun relying on phones to act as demi-memory banks, to pin things we want to remember. Also, the days of notepads and paper based to-dos seems long gone.

source url Do it (Tomorrow) is one such note-taking app available for free on the Play Store, and for INR 190 on Apple’s App Store.

Do it (Tomorrow) is a dead-simple way to keep up with the basic things you need to do. It replicates a simple pencil and notepad interface and has two plain-text lists of the tasks you need to do today and tomorrow.

Can’t finish something today? It’ll automatically be added to tomorrow’s list, ready for you to conquer later.

This app brings nice stuff to the table and truly has a beautiful interface making it fun to use.

The best part? Do it (Tomorrow) is also supported on your PC at

It is a fairly useful app for those of us who need to keep up with routine everyday tasks that we’d otherwise forget. If you need to keep track of advanced projects and deadlines, it’s probably not the app you want.

We’ve got a great How-To article “Do it (Tomorrow) – Paper and Pencil Note Taking” to help you get going with this app.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a decent photo editing app that allows you to touch up your photos on the go, quickly and easily. No prior experience of Photoshop is needed to use this app.

A whole lot of basic photo editing options and nice filters have been provided that will get your pictures to look their best. Quick editing of your pics and sharing to most social platforms is now possible with this app. Go ahead and give it a shot, chances are you’ll like it!

Here are some prominent features of the app:

  • Basics: Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. Remove red eye.
  • Auto-Fix: A one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, and white balance.
  • Color: Slide controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, sharpen and vibrance.
  • One-touch filters: Choose from more than 20 eye-catching effects!
  • Share to all your favorite social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Adobe Revel and more.
Friday automated journal 1

Friday : Automated Journal

One of the major reasons why most people prefer ‘skinned’ Android supplied by all the major smartphone brands in the world over stock Android, is due to the additional abilities that they’re bestowed with, to help us manage our day-to-day tasks and data.

We all know that having just an Agenda app doesn’t help us all that much.

How about an app which not only syncs with your Social and email accounts to track your activity but prompts also you in case you miss any routine or important tasks? How about an app which can take you back in time and helps you remember what you did on a particular day?

Yup, follow url Friday: Automated Journal by dexetra has got it all! It’s like having your phone writing your personal diary for you and you being able to go back in time and relive all your experiences, whenever you feel like it.


  • Friday presents you with a ‘life log’… a chronological narration of your life – people, contacts, moments, locations, music, pictures, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare (social) feeds, along with your calls, texts and mails.
  • You can also easily search within this data.
  • Friday initiates thoughts and ideas for you, it helps you remember, it tries to anticipate actions.
  • With Friday activities, you can share or, just log your favourite activities you’ve been doing all day.
  • With Friday Pro, you can restore your logs to any device that you want. In one tap, you can have your call log, messages, contacts, photos, all restored.

All in all, this is a must have app for all of those who are a tad on the busier side with their daily schedules and do not have the time to maintain a personal journal.

NiSL Lockscreen

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications

Having an Android device running the latest Android version definitely has it’s pros! One of them being the ability to view notifications & their details on the lock screen itself, thereby alleviating the need to unlock your phone.

However if you haven’t got the a late-model Android phone, or if you’re still on an older version of Android and not wanting to upgrade, NiLS  LockScreen Notifications helps you get this ability on older Android versions!

Some key features of the widget app include:

  • View all removable notifications such as missed calls, Facebook, Gmail, Google Now cards etc.
  • Simply touch on a notification to open the respective app.
  • If you have a screen lock, you will need to unlock your phone to view the notification. In other words, the notification does NOT bypass the screen lock.
  • Launch the app from the notifications list directly, no hassles!
  • Combine multiple notifications related to one app into one notification on the lock screen.
  • Slide down the lock screen to maximize the notifications, like on other lock screen widgets.

A useful app if you aren’t a fan of unlocking your phone each time a notification appears!



Pocket is a wonderful app which lets you save articles, video and more for later viewing. All of your content is stored at a central place and can be accessed on different devices, and it even works without internet access.

There even are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE so you can directly send webpages to Pocket from your desktop or your tablet or your smartphone. And it all comes together thanks to Pocket’s great Cloud feature.

You can also use the share feature in Android or configure your iOS to send pages to Pocket directly. Pocket uses a screen friendly layout which makes it easier for you to consume content.

Some of its features are:

  • Save content for offline viewing.
  • Access content on multiple devices.
  • Personalized highlights for easier consumption.
  • Lets you share articles to social networks and your friend’s Pockets from right within the app.


Duolingo is an app that lets you learn languages for free!

No more bulky books, dictionaries, pronunciation guides etc. – Duolingo is all you need!

What makes this app so great, is that it teaches you a new language in a manner which is full of fun and doesn’t seem too monotonous at all.

Some of Duolingo’s key features are:

  • It’s absolutely free. No ads, no fees, only college grade education!
  • Learn the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.
  • Fun learning process – Progress by completing easy to grasp, bite sized lessons. Earn Achievements as you progress, but lose Hearts if you answer incorrectly.

Go ahead and start learning a new language today!



Ever wanted to know who that unknown caller is before taking the call? Want to ignore those telemarketing calls? Block those stalkers?

Truecaller lets you do all of it. All it requires is a 3G or Wi-Fi connection!

True caller is the world’s largest online and crowd sourced telephone directly. It is a simple app which works as a caller ID system for incoming calls and reverse search (mobile and landline) numbers that are not stored in your phonebook. It even doubles up as a call blocker!

You can create your own Truecaller profile to let others see your photo and name when you call them.  There is a paid version which eliminates in app ads and let’s you see who’s visited your Truecaller profile.

Again, here are some of the key features of the app:

  • Check who’s calling before answering.
  • Block unwanted spammers and telemarketing calls.
  • Reverse search landline and mobile numbers.
  • Twitter integration lets you follow someone right from Truecaller.
  • Phonebook integration with photos from social networks.
  • Home screen widget for quick access.
Linkedin Logo


LinkedIn makes it easy to connect and grow your network, engage with professional content and gain insights right from the stream. The new intelligent navigation is personalized just for you based on how you use LinkedIn everyday.

LinkedIn is a rather handy business tool that keeps you connected! Some key features of the app are:

  • Find and connect with more than 277 million members worldwide
  • Search for and follow people, jobs, companies, and groups
  • Read the latest industry news and stay up to date with connections in your network
  • Update your profile from within the app
  • Purchase and upgrade your account to a LinkedIn Premium Subscription from within the app
Evernote Logo


Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Some prominent features of this award-winning app are:

  • Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
  • Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
  • Add handwriting and sketches to your notes
  • Save, sync and share files
  • Organize notes by notebooks and tags
  • Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
  • Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter




Dropbox is a cross platform web storage platform that enables online file sharing.

It allows you to share photos, videos, documents etc to a folder on the web, which you can then access from other devices as well.

Any file you share to your Dropbox can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad, computer or any other device which has access to the web.

  • Access all your files from anywhere you want.
  • 2 GB of free storage when you sign up.
  • Expandable paid subscription
  • Favourites can be saved offline