Apple invests in Indian developers with a new app accelerator

Apple Entices Indian Developers With A New App Accelerator

source url After almost a year long wait, Apple finally opened the door to its App Accelerator in Bangalore this week.

The App Accelerator, as the name suggests, will function as a place to speed up the development of mobile applications for Apple’s iOS ecosystem – by providing weekly training, app reviews, and one-on-one guidance to to developers.

Clearly, the App Accelerator comes with the idea of harnessing the already-bustling app development market in India. It’s a little late though – announced in May 2016, it’s indeed curious that it took the Tech Monolith this long to get set up in one of the world’s foremost software development markets.

I think what we hope from this accelerator is that we can help the local market create apps for customers in India that better meet the needs of our growing customer base here“, said Apple’s marketing head Phil Schiller. “We also think we can help developers here at the accelerator to make apps that reach further around the world, because there’s an entire world that wants their software too, and having that opportunity is something that’s of benefit to them and now people here can help them learn more about that and take better advantage of it“.

This is not the first place that Apple has opened an App Accelerator – Brazil and Naples have already witnessed similar platforms to boost app development in and around their locales.

What could set India apart, is that while Brazil and Naples’ ecosystems focus on students as new developers, the App Accelerator in India will also focus on India’s existing app development community.

The market in India is strongly dominated by Apple’s competitor, Google’s Android ecosystem. This App Accelerator probably won’t do much in that regard, but what it might do is provide a way for Apple to court developers who are looking to branch out of Google’s ecosystem.

Apple has been showing a lot of interest in the Indian market for a few years now. The reason for their interest is obvious: India, outside of China, is the biggest market a brand can cater to or even hope for.

However, the market also comes with its complexities, and while Apple has diligently been navigating a lot of those in the last year, they might still be a long way to go.